Where to start using relative sizing?

Note; This is just an idea I had for the next time I encounter a new team

Quick start to relative sizing

  • Gather your team
  • Print out all the stories from the last 2-3 sprints
  • As an exercise with your team:
    1. Identify the easiest thing they did and place it at one end of the table
    2. Identify the hardest thing they did and place it at the other end of the table
    3. Then, position all other stories between those two points
    4. Ask the team to group items that were about the same
    5.  And there you go... 
The easiest things are your '1'
The hardest things are you '13'
And each group within those two points are your 2,3,5 & 8

Now, when you're sizing in sprint planning or workshops, as yourself, where do you think this story sits on this scale. Point it, move on.


Every so often, more so during the earlier stages of scrum adoption, repeat this exercise as you have greater depth of experience to make comparisons against.